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Piedmont hazelnuts I.G.P.

Piedmont is located in North-West Italy and is located at a unique crossroads between the Mediterranean Sea, the foot of the Alps and the Italian interior. The microclimate, altitude, and soil provide this region with some world-famous terroir products such as hazelnuts, truffles and Barollo wine.

The hazelnuts from Piedmont are distinguished by their shape, size and color, but above all with their intense flavor. the quality of this variety "Tonda Gentile Trilobata" is rightly protected with the IGP certificate of origin. Piedmont hazelnuts have an infinite number of uses in both sweet and savory preparations and are especially delicious and healthy!

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Pistachios from Bronte D.O.P.

Pistachio is one of the most precious ingredients in Sicilian cuisine, as well as the symbol of the municipality of Bronte (province of Catania) and its economy. As a result, this fruit has earned the name "green gold".
It is very likely that these unique characteristics are conferred on it by the volcanic terrain: pistachio trees grow on hot and arid terrain, between the majestic Mount Etna and the Nebrode Mountains, in a natural environment favorable to the growth of this resinous plant, thick, which doesn't require lot of water, nor special treatments.
The harvest, which takes place every two years, between the end of August and the beginning of month of September, is a magical moment in which all the inhabitants participate of Bronte: women, men, the elderly and children climb the trees to pick pistachios, this precious colored shell pearl containing a fruit of a color ranging from intense green to purple, inimitable fragrance.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, its nutritive and organoleptic properties, its unique and incomparable aroma, the pistachio of Bronte obtained in 2009 the DOP label, awarded by the European Union. By the definition of the plant growing area, which must necessarily be located in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancaville, regulations, techniques, production, harvesting and labeling, we try to preserve the product and to guarantee pistachio lovers a flavor and a unique fragrance, evoking the magic of this splendid land.

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Almonds from Avola and from Faro

In the south of Sicily, around the town of Avola, there is a very exceptional terroir that is ideal for the cultivation of almonds and grapes, Nero d'Avola. Delgiro resolutely opts for the almonds from this region. The Avola Pizzuta almond is flat and pointed in shape and has an unbeatable aroma: bittersweet and velvety soft. When nibbling the raw almond you immediately taste the taste of refined marzipan.

In the far south of Portugal in the Algarve region is the town of Faro famous for the ancient culture of special almonds. The typically small, thickly rounded almonds are ideal for the preparation of marzipan or broyage. This forms the bittersweet base for use in excellent pastries such as frangipane, javanais, misérable or macarons. Pralines with Faromarsepein are a delicacy.

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Walnuts from Périgord A.O.C.

In France, the Dordogne Valley is a land for exceptional products such as the Périgord walnut A.O.P. A favorable geographical location, deep irrigated soils and a temperate climate, make this valley the ideal place to produce nuts of incomparable quality and taste.

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Nuts various

Various nuts caramelized in honey and sugar are not only pleasing to the eye, but also very tasty. Our artisan producer always gets the best out of the supplied nuts and caramelizes them in grandmother's way. These nuts are ideal as decoration on pastry, chocolate and confectionery.

Honey caramelized nuts available

Available nuts products

We are also always looking for the better qualities for less used nuts. We are very selective in the choice of pecans, peanuts, cashews, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. These nuts are often used as decoration, topping on oats or in granola. We also have pure pastas produced exclusively for us from most of the nut varieties available to us. Pure and unsweetened, the ideal basis for use in ice cream, patisserie and chocolate.

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Vanilla pods are the fruits of an orchid. Pale yellow one-day flowers grow on liana plants. Originally this orchid only grew in southern Mexico and the surrounding area. A native small bee provided natural fertilization. The Spanish explorers got there in Mexico but did not find out how flowers were fertilized. Three centuries later, the plant had ended up on the French island of Île de la Réunion. There, in 1841, a young black slave discovered how at sunrise with a little skill and a bamboo stick he could fertilize the androgynous flower, by bringing the pistil and the stamens together. This manual technique is still used worldwide. The juicy green pods are fully grown about 8 months after fertilization. Refining the vanilla can now start.

After the harvest, the pods are immersed in hot water. Then they are sun-dried and wrapped in cloths overnight. This process is repeated for several days. During the first week after the harvest, an extensive selection of the vanilla pods is already made. A selection is made based on length, thickness and color. More than 85% of the yield does not meet the requirements of black vanilla is processed in the industry as an essence. The remaining black vanilla is then carefully matured for 6 months. The drying process increases the proportion of vanillin and the vanilla sticks with the highest percentages are considered gourmet quality. With Delgiro we guarantee only this top quality from Madagascar. Between the time of fertilization and the ready-to-use quality vanilla easily pass 15 months. Making good vanilla is very labor-intensive and requires a great deal of professional knowledge from the grower. Together with vanilla from Madagascar, we also have planifolia vanilla available from Mexico and Uganda. We also have the rare tahitensis variety from Tahiti and Papua New Guinea. Both are characterized by a distinct floral and sweet taste. The choice is yours

Available vanilla products

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Candied fruits Saint-Sylvestre

In the confectionery St Sylvestre in Corsica, sun-ripened citrus fruits are still preserved according to the rules of the art. This is done slowly, artisanally and without the addition of preservatives. The result is astonishing: fruit full of flavor, non-sugared and buttery soft in texture. In this top product you will find the perfect balance between sour, sweet and a fresh, light bitterness. These candied products are a reflection of the absolute craftsmanship of the Santini family from Corsica. They share the same vision and respect for the product that we always try to pursue with Delgiro. We are very proud and happy to be able and allowed to represent this loyal partner supplier for quite some time.

Our range of marvelous candied fruit St Sylvestre

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Fruit purees

In Brittany, northwestern France, we find La Fruitière, an artisan producer of the famous “rasboises de Ronce”, a special, natural cross between blackberries and raspberries. In addition to this exceptional type of fruit, other fruits were gradually processed into purees. At La Fruitière they only process the very best terroir fruit: Williams pears from the Loire Valley, Bergeron apricots from the Rhône valley, Oblacinska cherries, lemon from Sicily ... La Fruitière has developed an exclusive process in which the fruit is pasteurized under ultra high pressure and freshly packaged. As a result, ease of use is optimally linked to the authentic taste and color of the fresh fruit. These fruit purees are kept refrigerated and are immediately ready for use.

Our range of great fruit purees

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Dried soft fruits

The fruit is neatly dried piece by piece and then rehydrated so that the taste is fully appreciated. This tender and juicy fruit is an essential part of a pleasant mouthfeel and crunchy bite. These fruits are used for baking, as a garnish, for breakfast ... but above all, ... very tasty!

A selection from our range of extra tender dried fruit

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Origine cocoaproducts CasaLuker

ORIGINE CHOCOLADES FROM COLOMBIA, PERU AND ECUADOR. CasaLuker is a family business from Colombia and producer of delicious cocoa products. In South America you will find the very best cocoa beans, which all the major chocolate producers look for. CasaLuker has had a lot of know-how about the cocoa bean for a long time. In Colombia, since the very beginning in 1906, they have been processing cocoa beans themselves into cocoa mass as the basis for their national chocolate drink. CasaLuker went one step further and produces many single origin chocolates with the strong floral and fruity aromas that are very typical of the cocoa beans from South America. Real origin chocolate is made in the country of origin, only with ingredients from their own region. Cocoa beans from Tumaco, Huila, Arauca or Santander bring very special aromas to their chocolates, which you can enjoy for a long time to enjoy the unique taste.

A selection from the CasaLuker range of chocolate products

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Chocolaterie de l'Opéra

Working in Provence just below Avignon, we met "La Chocolaterie de l'Opéra", a family company specialized in the manufacture of couverture chocolates for professionals. They are always looking for unique cocoa beans from all over the world. Straws 4 generations, the de Loisy family is passionately studying the manufacture of special couverture chocolates. They attach great importance to their selection of rare cocoa beans. The chosen valuables are handled with the greatest care during the entire production process. Their goal: starting from a raw cocoa bean to find the right production process. With the perfect roasting different according to the origin of the cocoa bean, they try to get all the potential out of the cocoa bean. This brings out the right flavors that translate into an intense and unique chocolate.

A selection from the "Opéra" origin chocolates

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Origine chocolats by Herman Van Dender

Herman Van Dender produces the finest Belgian origin chocolates in Brussels. Herman Van Dender himself goes in search of special cocoa beans in Ecuador, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Grenada and Peru. In his brand-new workshop, he processes the beans into beautiful drop-shaped chocolates that are very convenient to process. Many top gastronomes have already discovered this chocolate and appreciate this fantastic locally produced chocolate. You will find this Belgian origin chocolate with us at unbeatable prices.

A selection from our selection of Herman Van Dender origin chocolates

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Salted caramel from Isigny

Caramel is the ultimate treat. Everyone appreciates it, young and old, without exception. You are certainly familiar with its great buttery and milky taste, as well as its slightly sticky side that we love so much. Since the 16th century, the region of Isigny-sur-Mer has been particularly specialized in the production of butter and cream. Then, in the 1930s, the idea arose of producing sweets with these local dairy products. Isigny caramels were invented. The manufacture of caramel has developed strongly since the beginning of the 20th century, but it still remains synonymous with tradition thanks to its authentic flavor revealed by the use of ingredients from the land. For those of you who prefer crunchiness, let yourself be surprised by the pieces of Isigny caramel with salted butter and Guérande salt which will contrast with the fondant of your ice creams, decorate your whipped cream or spice up your cookie recipes. . Chips are excellent in chocolate making and bakers also appreciate this delicacy in pastries. 

Our références salted caramel from Isigny

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Japanese special ingredients

Japan has a culture and tradition of absolute sophistication. Japanese mandarins and yuzu are among the best citrus fruits in the world. Matcha is one of the most exclusive green ceremony teas. This special type of tea has more and more applications in desserts and chocolate, not only for the taste but also for its healthy properties. 

Japanese products in our range

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Within Delgiro we always keep a place free for special products. We have a special preference for fruit in various shapes, only one condition, it must be tasty and usable in patisserie, chocolate or gastronomy.

In our offer: Freeze-dried fruit both in powder form and in granulates

Spraydried fruit in powder

Dried fruit  granulated

Fruit crispy crumbles

You can also contact us for special ingredients :

Are you looking for something really special? Thanks to our international network, we often offer the solution for obtaining your ingredients


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Gold leaf decorations

From day 1, together with Or-à-Décor, our French partner, we have been on a beautiful journey regarding edible decoration of pure gold 23 carat. It is this minute detail that gives your creations that little bit more glitz and glamor. Nothing beats the brilliance of real gold, no dye or powder that comes close to this natural look.

A selection from our range of gold leaf and silver leaf products

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Wooden baking moulds and circles

Pangiro - Wooden baking moulds with baking paper

Pangiro - Wooden baking rings without baking paper

Pangiro , wooden baking mini-rings with bakingpaper

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Organic products

We have since 2017 our organic certificate. This allows us to offer and sell you excellent ingredients with an organic label, fully complied with and checked. Several of our products are 100% organic and can also be sold and processed as such.

A selection from our range of organic products

In addition, we can offer you a wide range of organic terroir ingredients, with an organic certificate. Available to order: Organic avola almonds, Périgord walnuts, cranberries, fruit powders, etc.

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Oil - Balsamic vinegar

The terroir nuts we import, our artisan oilproducer prepares oils of the highest finesse, full of delicate flavor. This oil is especially appreciated by gourmets and chocolate makers

Modena in the Emilia romagna region of Italy is the cradle of balsamic vinegars. We have selected 4 vinegars that are extremely suitable for applications in gastronomy, chocolate and patisserie.

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