About us

We are based in Belgium and we import directly from all continents and distribute mainly in Benelux, France, UK and Germany.

We specialise in sourcing the highest quality ingredients to be used mainly within gastronomy and desserts. Our quest is to search and supply our clients with the finest ingredients from all corners of the globe and bring them directly to your door.

For ten years now we have been grateful to form firm partnerships with outstanding professionals and our clients are some of the best chocolatiers, bakers, confectioners, chefs and gourmets.

We do not consider ourselves as a supplier but as a partner. We don’t just deliver, we work together to help your creations be the best they can be.

We look forward to supplying many more in the future.

Quality is a choice


Our vision of quality

… starts with the right choice of products, suppliers and customers.

We believe that quality is not just the price point it is also the values and the nature that the ingredients are grown and sourced.

Our products are chosen carefully for their unique quality and flavor and some examples are; fresh nuts, delicious vanilla, fine flavor chocolate and tasty fruit.

We are committed to achieving very high quality standards and this is something that we are continuously striving for.


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